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About me

Jackshootphotos about me

One of my passions is animal and action photography. 

In Italy my homeland I provided photography for various sport and animal events. I have also collaborated as an official photographer for sporting events, such as motocross and soccer, as well as bird of prey events, horse events, dog coursing & agility and many others.

My passion for animals has provided me the pleasure of many private photography sessions with dogs, horses and cats, among others. More recently, in Australia, I regularly volunteer my photography services for Australian native animals such as kangaroos, wallabies, wombats, bats, owls and possums for Wildlife Rescuers and Carers.

I also adore photographing people in all their variety, capturing them doing what they love. This can be at work in corporate photography as well as for families, children, events or parties. My preference is for fun, natural and heartfelt portraits, especially in capturing those special family occasions.. 

I currently live in Melbourne, Australia.... 

Please contact me with any photography inquiries.

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Simone Panepinto Photographer Melbourne
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